With his second album Where It’s At dropping this week, Dustin Lynch admits he was worried about the sophomore slump — at least, until he started writing songs for his new album.

“For me, this album was easy to make. I was always afraid of album two because you always hear about the sophomore curse. But getting to travel the country and see my songs from the first album really connect with the audience was very inspiring, so I soaked in the landscape and all the people I met. I had a lot to say, so it was easy for me to express all those new things.”
Having been on the road for much of the past three years, Lynch admits the creative process was different for his newest disc as opposed to his self-titled debut. “I adapted my writing style because the first album I wrote all in Nashville, and this album I wrote while I was on the road. So there was a different energy there. Energy from the Fuse Tour with Keith Urban, those crowds at big festivals of 40,000 people screaming while we’re writing songs literally backstage on the bus. I think that rubbed off on me.”
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Aside from inspiring his music, working on the Urban tour was an educational experience for Lynch. “I learned a lot about being on stage, set lists, timing, and all the ins and outs of doing a tour. Behind the curtain is where the magic happens — you’ve got twelve buses of crew members that are up first thing in the morning, and they’re the last ones loading up the trucks. Managing that village is an art. It was the most easy-going, fun loving tour, and that trickles down from the top. Keith, his tour manager, production manager and everyone involved really love life and what they’re doing.”

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